Juliette Kinsey recognises that not all married couples who decide to live separately may want to issue divorce proceedings. There may be reasons why couples do not wish to divorce, such as religious grounds or becasue they are simply not ready to take that step. In some instances it may be more appropriate for a couple to judicially separate rather than to divorce. Juliette will be able to advise you as to which course of action may be best for you, taking into account your personal circumstances. It may be that a Deed of Separation is required to be drawn up and signed by both parties.

Financial issues may still need to be resolved between separating couples whether they decide to divorce or not. Juliette Kinsey will be able to advise you about what interim steps you may need to take in order to protect your financial position, including what steps may need to be taken in order to record or protect the ownership of any property.

Advice about ongoing arrangements for the children may also be needed, including advice regarding calculating child maintenance and determining future contact arrangements between the children and a non-resident parent.

Juliette Kinsey can provide you with comprehensive advice regarding all issues that arise as a result of separating from your spouse or partner; she will guide you through the process and prepare the required documents or Deed if appropriate.

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