Increasingly, couples are building into their forthcoming wedding plans the provision of a pre-nuptial agreement which sets out what would happen in the unfortunate event of the marriage breaking down within a few years of the wedding. Whilst it is not a pleasant thought that your marriage may not work out, the protection of a pre-nuptial agreement could give you peace of mind so that, in the event that the worst happened, you would not lose all that you had worked for in your life before you married.

Whilst at the present time pre-nuptial agreements are not legally binding some recent case law  has shown that the courts are giving weight to such agreements in certain circumstances and forthcoming changes in the law in April 2014 are likely to make pre-nuptial agreements have far more legitimacy than in the past. A properly drafted pre-nuptial agreement can offer a significant safeguard to clients seeking to protect their financial assets in the event of the breakdown of the marriage so soon after the wedding.

Juliette Kinsey has produced many pre-nuptial agreements for clients who are getting married and wish to protect their assets in the event of an unexpected early breakdown of the marriage. Such agreements are particularly useful to clients who are getting married for the second time or have children from a previous relationship and wish to preserve their existing assets and property.

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