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Juliette Kinsey is an Accredited Family Mediator and can provide mediation to couples who have decided to separate and wish to reach agreement regarding financial and children issues away from the court. More information regarding our mediation service can be found at www.justtalkmediation.co.uk

Please note that Juliette cannot be your solicitor and your mediator. If you decide to instruct Juliette to be your solicitor but also wish to undertake the mediation process then Juliette will happily refer you to another mediator and provide your legal advice during the mediation process.

Child Counselling Services

The breakdown of a family unit can be traumatic and distressing for all members of the family. Whilst adults may come to terms with the breakdown of their relationship, the children of the family may need more time to adjust. Some children may need additional specialist help to come to terms with the breakdown of their parents’ relationship. Juliette Kinsey is proud to work alongside child counsellors, life coaches and children welfare services and would be happy to provide clients with further details about such services or make appropriate referrals, if felt necessary by the parents.

Independent Financial Advice

In many matrimonial cases the issue of dealing with financial products and services arises. Whilst Juliette can provide clients with legal advice about their situation, specialist financial advice may be required. Juliette is not tied to any independent financial adviser but she can provide you with details of independent financial advisers who are not only qualified in financial matters but have also had additional training to recognise the issues that arise in family law matters. 

Juliette Kinsey also has good working relationships with financial advisers who have also been trained by Resolution to provide advice and assistance in collaborative law cases and to help resolve financial matters arising from relationship breakdown away from the court system.

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