We recognise that the breakdown of a relationship can have profound effects on the children of the family. It is important that all separating parents receive advice about their rights and responsibilities towards their children. In an ideal world all parents would reach an agreement between themselves in relation to contact and residence arrangements regarding their children but sadly this is not always possible.

Kinsey & Co Solicitors can advise you on issues such as parental responsibility, contact arrangements and issues regarding residence. Where possible, we strive to resolve matters through negotiation and mediation but where that is not possible we are able to represent you in court proceedings.

Juliette Kinsey will also be able to advise parents regarding recent changes in the rules regarding child maintenance calculations and changes to the Child Support Agency and how this may affect their child maintenance payments.

Juliette Kinsey is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in the areas of Private Children Law matters and Domestic Violence and is also a supporter of the work undertaken by the National Child Contact Centres.

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